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I am currently 42 years old, male, and living in Edinburgh with my wife, two daughters, and our record collection.

Some time ago now, we spent several evenings listening to all our 7" singles from A-Z, which was fun, so I thought we could listen to all the 12"s next.

Then I thought of the public service I could perform by blogging the results, and here we are. I decided to include the 7s in the project too, because I'd already come up with the name 'allmyvinyl' and it would have been pretty stupid to leave them out.

What this should end up being is a large repository of reviews of all the records I own, which I hope people will browse around to find something they might like, or hadn't heard of. I'm also adding photos of all the artwork of the records, front and back, any inserts, and sometimes the record labels too, if they are nice.

I have tried to make it easy to find reviews on the site, and suggest you use the Site Navigation which you can choose to be ordered by record label, year of release, or artist name.

Please leave any questions or comments in the comments section provided, and I will respond to them to the best of my abilities.


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